Advisory Committee

The MDEA (Multi Disciplinary Engeering Academy) has a local advisory committee comprised of people representing area businesses. The input from these committees helps the MDEA (Multi Disciplinary Engeering Academy) Project Management and BIM Institutes offer an education that is relevant to the needs of employers.

  • Dr. Ajay Agarkar HOD SSGMCE

  • Mrs. Smita Wadkar DGM-HR (Shapoorji)

  • Mr. Rohit Mone Director Advent PMC

  • Mr. Devendra Bora Group Head HR Themax Power Division

  • Mr. Ramesh Jamdhade Director HR Lavasa

  • Mr. Rony Kurien COO Echole Lavasa

  • Mr. Niranjan Bhatkulkar G. M. Pre-Construction Eiffel

  • Mr. I. N. Risaldar CEO AR Auto Consultant Services

  • Mr. Suresh Supe VP – Opeartions Bharat Forge

  • Dr. Ashok Ghatol (Director KJCOE)

  • Mr. Sanjay Patil HOD L&T

  • Prof. Sunil Dhore (HOD – AIT)

  • Mr. Prashant Lanke (AGM Panchshil)

  • Mr. Ravi Kumar (VP GMR)

  • Mr. Sunil Mahadik (HCC)

  • Prof. Niraja Jain (HOD-IT)

  • Mr. Phadke PMP

  • Mr. Abhay Patil Sr. Vice President (KPDL)

  • Mr. Balwant Bhise CTO DSKDL

  • Dr. Hiwale (MIT)

  • Mr. Dinesh Kumar Vishwakarma VP.

  • Prof. P.M.Agarkar, HOD- IT, D.Y.Patil college ,Pune
Academic Advisory Board
The mission and responsibility of the Academic Advisory Board (AAB) and any Ad Hoc committees it might appoint is to contribute to the academic quality and viability of FIE academic programs by providing insight, information and support to MDEA in the areas including:
  • program development, quality and management
  • program outcomes and evaluation
  • outreach and enrollment development
Portfolio of Collaborative Efforts
In specific terms, AAB influences and supports the following in the Institute:
Program design and curriculum.
Identification of Adjunct Faculty from industry for both technology and management.
Process of selection of high caliber students.
Identification of research projects.
Process and approach for Industrial Practice/Internship.
Placement opportunities in the industry.

In addition, the AABs are expected to be innovative forums that will create new mechanisms to help students have a deeper and involved interaction with the Industry. Also, the AABs will advise the MDEA leadership on Industry trends and directions.
Powers and duties of the Academic Council
The Academic Council shall be the principal academic authority of the MDEA and shall be responsible for regulating and maintaining the standards of teaching, research and examinations in the Institute.
Without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing provisions, the Academic Council shall exercise the following powers and perform the following duties, namely:-
  • Recommend to the Management Council regarding institution of PGP, diplomas, certificates and other academic distinctions
  • Recommend to the Management Council to make, amend or repeal Ordinances on issues related to academic matters;
  • Make, amend or repeal Regulations on matters specified in section Of the Act;
  • Allocate subjects to the faculties and assign faculty to each Team Lead who is member of the Academic Council.
  • Make proposals for the establishment of conducted Infrastructure req. to deliver knowledgebase;
  • Consider and make recommendations regarding new proposals for creation of faculty and non-vocational academic staff required by the MDEA;
  • Make proposal to the Management Council for the institution of fellowships, traveling fellowships, scholarships, studentships, medals and prizes and make regulations for their award;
  • Prescribe qualifications and norms for appointment of papers setter, examiners, moderators and others, concerned with the conduct of online examinations;
  • Appoint committees to review periodically the utility and practicability of the existing courses of study and the desirability or necessity of reviewing or modifying them in the light of new knowledge or changing societal requirements;
  • Make proposal for the conduct of interfaculty and area or regional studies, common facilities.
  • Accord recognition to institutions of higher learning, research or specialized studies on the recommendation of the committees appointed by the Council;
  • Recommend to the Management Council conferment of autonomous status on MDEA.
  • Make proposals to the Management Council to prescribe fees and other charges;
  • Generally, advice the university on all academic matters and submit to the Management Council the details of the academic calendar and feasibility reports on academic programs recommended by the Senate at its last annual meeting.
  • Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties as may be conferred or imposed on it by or under this Act, the Statutes, Ordinance, and Regulations.

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